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These Educational Resource products are a great educational resource for schools and home schools. You will find everything you need to help you teach social science and history to your students or children, either at school or at home. These new and innovative materials contain historical timelines and maps of Canada and United States history.

We offer different types of educational resource materials:

  1. Paper maps that are very useful to see a global view of  what happened during 3 major time periods in Canada’s History. For more information about our paper maps, click on the following link:
  2. Online historical virtual map that contains all major events from Canada and the United States history, from the arrival of the First Nations to 1867, in a timeline and map that is interactive. The information for the virtual map is updated periodically. We will be adding more events from the period of 1867 to today for Canada’s 150th Anniversary. By the end of March, 2017, we should have over 500 events that will include 100’s of animations, videos, images, text and links to reputable websites. For more information about our online map, click on the following link:
  3. We also are producing two different series of videos. One is to help the user of  the online virtual map, to use the map and to give them more ideas on how to implement it as an educational resource in their classroom or at home.  The second is a series of animated videos about specific historical events that have happened. See sample videos at: MPO Educational Enterprises Youtube Channel

For more information about MPO Educational Resources ,or if you have any questions, please contact us at: