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GeoHistory Map Teacher License: Canada and United States Historical Data Set

$199.95 $49.95

This online virtual map resource is using Google Maps to help you teach history to your student in an interactive way. With this license, you will be able to use the system at school or at home. This license includes an interactive map and timeline, over 500 events, animations, images or videos, descriptive text and links to reputable website about the history of Canada and the United-States from the arrival of the first nations to 1867. No more fiddling to try to find historical videos, images, maps, timeline, links you now have everything at your finger tips and you can easily present it and share it with your students for reverse learning.


Product Description

  • 1 Educational License
  • Valid until Aug. 31, 2018
  • Data set that contains over 500 historical events from Canada and the United States from the arrival of the First Nations to 1867 covering:
    • Major Events and Treaties with the First Nations
    • European Explorers
    • Seven Years War
    • French and Indian War
    • Patriot War
    • American War of Independence
    • War of 1812
    • American Civil War
    • Major Political Events
    • Major Treaties
  • Google Maps Base
  • Bilingual: French and English
  • All system upgrades are Free
  • Interactive timeline that you can modify
  • Interactive map that you can modify
  • 80 hours of videos
  • Over 500 links to reputable resources
  • Animations of military movements, explorers, migration movements, etc.
  • Create maps
  • Historical, Geographical and Moder Layers
  • Save maps
  • Print maps
  • Create and save your list of videos
  • Operates on any device with Internet access: Smartboard, PC, tablets, smart phones, etc.
  • Zoom in and out capability
  • This Teacher / Classroom license is only for School Boards, Teachers and Educators
  • To get access to this license price is simple! Just use your school e-mail address when creating your account to confirm that you are an educator, teacher or an employee of a school board.
  • If you are an educator and do not have an e-mail from a school board but would still like to receive this educator discount rate, you need to send an e-mail explaining your situation to
  • The educational license can only be used for teaching purposes. It is not permitted to be used in any commercial use.


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