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Let’s change the way we teach history in schools

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For most of us when we were young, history was one of the most boring subjects. We didn’t even want to go to class and did not understand why we needed to learn it. What is sad is that history is one of the only subjects that has not really changed in the way it is taught. We still use textbooks as the main way we teach it to our students today. Even though there have been increases in the number of hours history is taught, we have not overhauled the way it is being taught. So kids today are still left disinterested in the subject and not that engaged in learning history. We all know that teaching history is important so that our children will not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Now the challenge is how do we get them engaged to want to learn history?

My son was learning history and it was not his best subject. Actually, he loves science, math, and gym. So a typical boy, but that all changed when I started to work on this new project to create an interactive historical map to help teachers teach history. As I was producing the map, I was asking my child to use the system and he loved it because of the animations, videos and the simplicity of the system. The next year, I noticed an increase in his personal interest in geography and history where he also got the best mark in the class at 96%.

At this point, I realized that we really need to change the way we teach our kids history. So in September of 2016, we launched our new product, believing that when teachers would see it they would go crazy over it and want to use it in their classrooms to get students interested in history. But it did not happen that way. Yes, teachers and educators all loved the idea and the product. But still very few are using it. Why? Because in the minds of teachers, history is taught mainly with textbooks, not with an online resource as the main tool. The teachers that love the idea and believe in it knows that this is the way of the future to get students interested in learning history.

We finally have the possibility to change the way history is taught in schools with this new online interactive resource. The question left to answer is, is there the will to change the way we teach history to our children?

We at MPO believe that this new technology is the best way we can help our next generation learn from the past and be able to create a better society of tomorrow.

If you want to help us promote history in schools, go to Share the Gift of Knowledge.

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